What is the Rainbow Connection Series?

The Nashville LGBT Chamber is excited to announce our Rainbow Connection Series. This series includes webinars, networking events, and other educational meetings to help our members and community stay connected and informed while we navigate the “new normal”. 

Rainbow Connection Series

Member Connect

We are proud to kick-off our new program, Member Connect. This event will give an in-depth highlight of one of our corporate members and one of our small business members. We will have a Q&A session and have other attendees speak to the group to check-in with other members. You will have the opportunity to talk about what you are working on, questions or issues you need help with, or anything else you want to address.  

Rainbow Connection Series

classroom connect

We are proud to announce our Classroom Connect Fall-Winter Series. Classroom Connect is a new educational programming series designed to help our members and broader LGBT and ally community, educate themselves and grow professionally.

The Fall-Winter 2020 series will start with a motivational presentation to “change your mindset”. Then will cover social media strategies, establishing good customer feedback and quality programs, public relations basics, and finally financial forecasting and modeling. The 2021 series is still in development, except for the January event that will be an LGBT certified business program. All programs build off one another so there are information and tips from one month to another that tie together for participants. You do not need to attend all programs to find value in them, but even great connections and growth will be made if participants do.

Our 2020-2021 Classroom Connect schedule is sponsored by our member HCA Healthcare/TriStar Health

Rainbow Connection Series


Corporate Connect (formerly known as Pride in Business) is a quarterly round table discussion for leaders of LGBT Employee Resource Groups. This program has had a positive impact on employee engagement, education, and awareness in the workplace, defeating anti-LGBT legislation in Tennessee, fundraising for LGBT youth and other LGBT organizations, increasing participation in the Nashville Pride Equality Walk, and improving lives in middle Tennessee.

In these meetings, we connect corporate ERG leaders with each other, let ERGs learn about activities and best practices from each other, and encourage corporate action with legislation.

Please reach out to our Membership Manager to get involved with this group. 

Rainbow Connection Series

benefit connect

Join us the last Monday of every month for Benefit Connect. This program is an opportunity for new members to learn about their member benefits, existing members who want to maximize their membership, or anyone who is considering joining the Nashville LGBT Chamber.


  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Membership Presentation
  • Q&A Session
  • Small group networking (time permitting)
Rainbow Connection Series

Network Connect

To complement our traditional Brewing Up Business, which is held on the third Thursday of every month from 5:30 – 6:30 pm, we now offer additional morning networking opportunities (AM Brewing Up Business) as part of Network Connect. These events include a short program of announcements from our chamber’s staff and then small group networking. We break the larger group into small rooms to exchange information and let peers know what attendees are doing and feeling at this time. We break into different small groups several times during the event.


April 16, 2020: PM Brewing Up Business
April 23, 2020: AM Brewing Up Business
May 14, 2020: AM Brewing Up Business
May 21, 2020: PM Brewing Up Business
June 18, 2020: PM Brewing Up Business
July 9, 2020: AM Brewing Up Business
July 17, 2020: PM Brewing Up Business
August 6, 2020: AM Brewing Up Business
August 20, 2020:PM Brewing Up Business
September 3, 2020: AM Brewing Up Business
September 17, 2020: PM Brewing Up Business
October 1, 2020: AM Brewing Up Business
October 15, 2020: PM Brewing Up Business
November 5, 2020: AM Brewing Up Business
November 12, 2020: PM Brewing Up Business
December 3, 2020: AM Brewing Up Business
December 10, 2020: PM Brewing Up Business/Annual Meeting/Holiday Party
January 7, 2021: AM Brewing Up Business
January 21, 2021: PM Brewing Up Business
February 4, 2021: AM Brewing Up Business
February 18, 2021: PM Brewing Up Business
March 4, 2021: AM Brewing Up Business
April 1, 2021: AM Brewing Up Business
June 3, 2021: AM Brewing Up Business
June 17, 2021: PM Brewing Up Business at Grand Hyatt



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