Chief Executive Officer

The CEO will report to the Board of Directors and is responsible for the successful leadership, management, and administration of the organization in accordance with the vision and mission set by the Board of Directors. The CEO oversees the overall strategic and operational responsibilities of the NLGBTCC staff, programs, and advocacy. In addition, the CEO is responsible for the following core mission to advocate, educate & connect with these functions:

Acquainting themself with as many members as possible, familiarity with their business goals and problems, for the purpose of maintaining good membership relations, stimulate communications within the business community, identify common goals and problems to which the NLGBTCC should address itself, and identify people who may contribute time and resources to NLGBTCC programs.

Identifying common needs among local LGBTQ+ small business owners and arranging educational opportunities to support them.

Organizing regular social events that offer NLGBTCC members a platform to network and share their information and ideas.

Engaging and energizing NLGBTCC volunteers, board members, event committees, partner organizations, and funders.

Cultivating good relations with local, regional, and national LGBTQ+ non-profit and organizations on behalf of the board and the membership.

Leading and managing staff to create programming, create policy and build a community that supports LGBTQ+ small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Build, manage and maintain an effective communications and marketing platform that supports NLGBTCC’s mission and supports its membership.

Maintaining current statistics and familiarity of the economy of the area, both inside and outside the NLGBTCC membership, with particular focus on LGBTQ+ consumers and businesses.

Identifying and developing policy positions, that drive awareness on issues impacting LGBTQ+ businesses within the Nashville metro areas.

Managing NLGBTCC staff to collaboratively develop position statements, talking points, create and deliver speeches, and provide testimony and other materials.

Educating board members, chamber members and staff on policy positions and potential policy impact.

In consultation with the board, serve as one of the spokespeople for the Chamber in relevant venues, pro-actively and reactively, with a goal to enhance the Chamber’s overall image. The CEO will not be the only and exclusive spokesperson for the organization. The CEO should look for opportunities for Board Members and Chamber members to speak and represent the organization. Ensure appropriate Chamber representation at various conferences, conventions and with business groups as a panelist or principal speaker. Be seen as the top advocate for the LGBTQ+ business community throughout the region and state.

Ensuring the NLGBTCC is represented as appropriate at civic, cultural, charitable, business and community events. Serve on boards, commissions, committees, and organizations related to areas that are critical to Chamber goals and interests.

Partnering with local government and advocating for laws and ordinances that promote economic growth among LGBTQ+ businesses.

Lead NLGBTCC’s political and advocacy activities, including regular attendance at Legislative Policy Committee meetings. Develop effective, strategic relationships with top political and elected officials on the local, regional, and state levels to advance key NLGBTCC initiatives and outcomes

Effectively and in a bi-partisan manner representing the business community at relevant government functions and across all venues. Regularly meeting with elected and administrative officials at all levels on public policy matters affecting the business community. Involving the NLGBTCC, it’s board and its membership in, and to the extent needed lead, ballot issue campaigns that impact the business community or important NLGBTCC and LGBTQ+ business priorities.

Cultivating good relations with city, county, state and federal governments and their elected officials and staff on behalf of the board and the membership.

Developing, maintaining, and supporting a strong Board of Directors by serving as ex-officio of each committee, to promote strategic direction for NLGBTCC operations.

Coaching, developing, and evaluating NLGBTCC staff.

Expanding revenue generation and fundraising activities to support existing program operations and develop new programming.

Ensuring the financial health of the organization while being responsible for the overall and financial management of the organization and the long-range strategic planning and focus of the organization.

Creating and implementing a membership recruitment and retention plan with staff. 

Maintaining a high level of communication among the Chamber officers, directors, staff, committees, and members as well as between the organization and the general public.

Coordinating the activities of the Chamber committees, with the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, Staff and provides necessary personnel and staff assistance.

All other duties assigned by the Board of Directors.

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