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One of Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce’s foremost focuses is advocacy. We are proud to be the premier advocate of the Greater Nashville Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender business community. The chamber represents over 400 businesses, community groups, and individuals in Nashville and the surrounding area.

Our aim is to champion the work of LGBT individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits. We amplify diverse voices and stories that otherwise might not be heard. We fight for equal rights and representation through LGBT legislative and political support and actions.

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Volunteers & nonprofits should be able to connect

Seems obvious, right? Well, not most volunteer-abroad platforms….We don’t charge any fees for using our platform to connect with nonprofits.
There should be nothing simpler than doing good

Our easy-to-use platform provides all the info you need to make informed decisions about the cause you would like to support and the best way to do so.
Non-profits run by & for local communities are the real deal

Make a real impact by contributing your resources directly to the local community on the ground.

LGBTBE certified businesses

lgbtbe spotlights

Learn about LGBTBE Business Certification. By becoming a certified LGBTBE, businesses are able to build relationships with America’s leading corporations, generate prospective business and clients, and collectively team with each other for contracting opportunities.

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making every connection count

The chamber is all-inclusive: anyone can join, regardless of LGBT identification. Allies are always welcome. We are dedicated to fostering a sense of kinship among members. The organization comes together to build a unified community and make an impact locally through sponsorships, funding, and programs. LGBT Chamber events give sponsors the opportunity to target the LGBT market and appeal to a broad audience. 

Above all, we strive to make Nashville and the surrounding area a better place, not only for the LGBT community, but for the greater good.

Wear it Like a Badge of Honor

Display the “Open and Equal” sticker on your front door to show your support and advocacy for the LGBT community when you are a member.

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